STOP NOW AND PLAN (SNAP®) is an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioural program developed by the Child Development Institute in Toronto that helps children regulate angry feelings by getting them to stop, think about the consequences of their behaviour, and plan positive alternatives before they act impulsively.

Skills are taught and practiced in a real and meaningful way, and children are enabled to generalize their learning to everyday life. Children learn how to stop and think in order to find solutions that ‘make their problems smaller, not bigger.’

The Pitimaa Maamituneyiht SNAP® Program began as a three-year pilot project, located in the Cree communities of Mistissini and Waswanipi. It is the first SNAP® project to be offered to Cree groups in the world. Pitimaa Maamituneyiht is a term given by the Cree elders that means to think before you act. Since the pilot project was such a success, and the data reported a statistically significant improvement in children’s behavior, the next logical step was to take SNAP® directly into the elementary schools across Eeyou Istchee.

Our hope is to lessen the amount of suspensions and expulsions by training children to deal with conflict in a healthy manner, rather than acting on impulse. When children cannot cope with their anger and anxiety effectively, it inhibits their ability to learn new skills and absorb knowledge – thus, SNAP® can also help children to learn more effectively in the classroom.

The Department of Justice is now pleased to provide the Cree SNAP® for Schools across the Cree Nation!


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