Improving the Administration of Justice Together

Through the Justice Agreement, Québec provides funding to the Cree Nation Government to facilitate and improve the administration of justice for the Crees and to be used for initiatives related to the justice system, pursuant to Section 18 of the JBNQA.

As such, the DOJCS offers four funds each year to help community members implement initiatives aimed at creating safer, engaged communities across Eeyou Istchee. 


One Overarching Goal

It is widely recognized that crime prevention, offender rehabilitation and youth engagement are essential to the long-term safety, welfare and growth of our communities. This is the overarching goal for all funds, in addition to promoting and preserving the Cree culture, values and traditions.

Although they all pursue the same overall goal, each fund has a specific objective, as follows: 

Crime Prevention Fund

Prevent and combat crime and support the creation of safer communities.

Youth Engagement Fund

Empower the Cree youth while promoting their general welfare.

Corrections Fund

Support rehabilitation and reintegration of Cree offenders.

Land Based Camps Fund

Build land based camps for us to support justice-related activities and rehabilitation of Cree offenders.

>> Please visit the DOJCS Funds Site for a detailed description, application timelines, related materials for each fund.