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Reintegration through skills, education and employment

Formally known as the Cree Reintegration, Education and Employment (C.R.E.E.) Program which began as a pilot project in January of 2010, the DOJCS have renamed the program to “C.R.E.E. Support Services” to better serve our clientele. The DOJCS recognizes that unfortunately, our criminal justice system does not always do a very good job in rehabilitation. Sometimes, people who offend end up returning to Cree communities to continue their criminal or anti-social ways. As well, the stigma of a criminal record is great, which prevents many people from gaining a good job and therefore leading productive lives.

The primary purpose of the C.R.E.E. Support Services is to help individuals who have a criminal record and who are facing significant employment barriers successfully reintegrate into Cree society so that they can stop their cycle of criminal behaviour and go on to lead productive lives. Individuals including youth and adults 18 years and older are eligible to participate and must either be living in a Cree community or will gain soon-to-be-released status in a detention centre.

For participants, our work begins with a detailed intake assessment where we assess their previous work and education history and discuss the challenges they have experienced which got them into trouble in the first place. 

Then, they spend approximately 4-hours with a registered psychologist, who administer a number of tests to assess their suitability for the program and identify their needs. A comprehensive case plan is developed and we work with participants prior to their release or while they are living in a community to address their issues which may have included health problems, family problems, substance abuse issues or lack of marketable skills. Participants are also assigned to a Community Reintegration Officer (CRO) who monitor their case plan and support them to ensure they get the services they need from professionals, non-profit agencies and organizations like the CBHSSJB and Cree School Board. The DOJCS is in the process of hiring an Occupational Therapist to further develop their education and life skills.

For many participants, their transition back to a productive and positive life depends on either obtaining a job or accessing training to make them “job ready”. That’s where employers in Eeyou Istchee help:

  • By providing good jobs for participants;
  • By providing training programs, apprenticeship and mentorship programs.

The C.R.E.E. Support Services is administered by the Cree Nation Government Department of Justice and Correctional Services. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Correctional Services Regional Office in Val d’or at 819-874-2600 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can also contact your Community Reintegration Officer located at each of our Justice facilities.

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